Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Any News on the HHS Stuff?

People have been asking me if there have been any updates on the HHS mandate, and rightly so.

I offer the answer with a tired, exasperated look on my face (or at least that's what I'm thinking in my mind) - "yes and no"

Yeah, there have been updates. More of the tip of the iceberg has been revealed by the administration:

1) Abortions for a dollar
2) College kids now have to be covered for contraceptives through their college insurance plan
3) The Bishops have restated their position - "we ain't budging on this, and we'll close the whole thing down and be an underground persecuted Church as opposed to violating our consciences
4) People from camp Obama met with the Bishops' Conference and, as Cardinal Dolan said it, "they told us that we didn't properly understand Catholic teaching"
5) A group of crazy nuns and a few "catholic" commentators continue to back the President
6) Team Obama continues to publicly be shocked that people are so upset and they point to their willingness to "give it a year"
7) Team Obama continues to, out of the public eye, not only not carry on dialogue, but continues to push through decisions that are of the same frightening nature

People have been asking why there haven't been any updates.
a) The Planned Parenthood "I Have a Say" video has kept me SUPER busy with emails and phone calls and so forth
b) I'm just flat tired of all the nuances of the HHS debate. Not tired in the sense of losing my energy to fight, but sick of reporting on every detail --- it basically comes down to this --- if Obamacare (and all the moral "blank checks" it allows the President to write and force us to accept) if it passes the Supreme Court and the administration is not rebuffed, then we Catholics are, in the earthly realm, in grave jeopardy.

There you go. End of story. It is as most orthodox Catholics have been saying for four years - "This guy has it out for Catholics and has it out for life" Nothing else to say.

Sure, when things break I'll put them up here, but I'm starting to fear that writing a post about, for example, the 1$ abortion announcement last Friday, grants to much credibility to the news, and, I fear, can almost remove it out of its proper context:

The proper context being good vs. evil. This is a battle against principalities and powers, against those forces who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. I don't care if the President or Pelosi or Sebelius or Cecile Richards are cognizant of their roles in this battle or not (they strike me as more of the pawn type).

Any news on this HHS stuff???? Absolutely - Team Obama/Planned Parenthood is who we've been warning about for years... they are who we said they are...and we come to it...the great battle of our age.

Stories on the details of the mandate, after a while, start to take the focus off of what is really going on. If there are people out there on the fence STILL, then hearing that abortions for a dollar is part of Obamacare isn't going to convince them to suddenly back the Church. I'm not going to waste more time trying to convince people on the fence that this is all evil - I'm simply going to fight the evil, and I urge you to do the same.