Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why Are There No Liberal Catholic Blogs?

My brother Tony is friends with a named Ryan who works in the Church and who traveled to Denver, CO this past Fall for a conference on evangelization. While Ryan was at the conference, at some point they talked about the top 10 Catholic blogs and they also listed 10 Catholic blogs that are on the rise. My brother Tony relayed to me that I had made that list! Pretty crazy because I really honestly didn't know hardly anyone was reading my blog and at the time I was actually wondering if it was worth the time.

I decided to see how someone put together this list of blogs, so I Googled "top Catholic blogs" and a website came up that tracks the Catholic blogs and ranks them in terms of the number of people who subscribe. I certainly was nowhere to be found on that list, but that isn't why I write this piece - what I noticed when I went to that website was that there was no LIBERAL Catholic presence in the blogosphere. Essentially every blog that was pulling in some semblance of readership was what could be described as pro-Vatican "conservativish" blogs.

I came back to that trend today, and I decided to Google "liberal Catholic blog" One of the first that came up has the following at the top of the blog -

"I am a progressive Roman Catholic noticing that conservatives and traditionalists Catholics take most of the Catholic space on the web. I decided to start blogging to advance "progressive" Catholic views."

It was good to know that others had noticed what I was thinking. Another blog that popped up noted that it had been voted the number 2 Catholic blog by "Online Christian Colleges" a non-Catholic Christian group that also has on their website "The Top 50 Astrology Websites" which should tell you all you need to know about "Online Christian Colleges." I would hope to be ranked last by that particular organization.

So I'm seeking input from all of you. Drop it in the comment box or send me an email or whatever - why are there no liberal Catholic blogs? I'll think about it some more and also sort through the insights you all have and try and put some possibilities on here in a few days. Help me out with some insights - I'm really curious on this issue.