Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Notre Dame 88" Finally See Their Charges Dropped

88 pro life demonstrators finally had the trespassing charges against them dropped. The charges were filed against the 88 individuals when they entered Notre Dame's campus to protest President Obama speaking at the University's graduation ceremony in 2009. The full story can be read by clicking here. If Notre Dame had asked for leniency for the 88, legal experts unanimously believe that the charges would have been dropped long ago, but Notre Dame refused.

As a deacon, I was also on campus during the commencement, and I heard speeches from Notre Dame priests blasting president Jenkins' decision, and I prayed a rosary at the grotto for all of our Catholic universities; it was a day I'll never forget as a Catholic. What a sad day for Catholicism in America!

Below is video of one of the "Notre Dame 88" getting arrested - who would have thought a priest would get arrested while praying on the campus of a Catholic University?

More about the state of Catholic Universities in America to come!