Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Is It Catholicism that is Unreasonably Rigid on Homosexuality?

As I've reflected over the firestorm that was my classes on homosexuality, I thought one final comment ought to be made.

Many commenters left remarks out of spite and didn't really listen to what the Church says on the subject. Some comments, however, were rational, and I tried to respond to all of those types of comments with my post a few weeks ago.

One of the rational commenters noted something to the effect of "while this Church is crazy, we [the homosexual community] should be dialoging with people like this because he seems a lot more rational than a lot of other religions on the subject."

The commenter was not referring to me in general but to the Catholic Church, and I couldn't agree with him more.

The Catholic Church is enemy number 1 for many in the homosexual camp, but here is the irony - most Protestant denominations and Islam are WAY more intense about homosexuality than Catholicism. The Church says it isn't a sin to have homosexual attractions, and I challenge anyone to find another major religion that says something that soft on the issue. Most of the branches of Islam favor putting a homosexual caught in the act TO DEATH! One website estimated that in Iran alone nearly 4,000 have been killed for acting on their homosexuality since 1979. Yet, for some odd reason, the liberal media often suggests that Islam ought to be more accepted while at the same time often lambasting Catholicism for its rigidity. Isn't it the Church that is the most liberal on the issue of homosexuality? And yet the Church is villainized for its rigidity?

Those who are not operating out of a specifically anti-Catholic bias would be wise to engage the Church on this issue instead of pretending that Catholicism is the camp of rigid fundamentalists. It certainly remains to be seen if that change in approach will ever happen.