Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Two days ago, I officially crossed the 50,000 view mark for this blog! The counter at the bottom was installed a few months after I started, so the numbers are slightly off. Anyway, it has been absolutely amazing to see what God has done with this page. I really didn't think it would go anywhere and I NEVER would have started on my own; I really just started as a result of Pope Benedict asking priests to blog. It was a total obedience thing, but has turned out to be quite fun (and even those times that haven't been fun have still been HIGHLY informative!).

Thanks for checking up here, and I hope to continue to provide quality stuff here that hopefully brings people closer to Christ and His Church.

Suggestions for the future? Ideas for topics to cover? Whatever your ideas or comments are, I hope that by now I've established that I'm open to new ideas and suggestions. Thanks again for following along, and know that I pray for you all just as I ask for your prayers as well!

God bless!