Monday, May 2, 2011

Vatican on Bin Laden

"Osama Bin Laden, as is known, claimed responsibility for grave acts that spread division and hate among the peoples, manipulating religion to that end. A Christian never takes pleasure from the fact of a man's death, but sees it as an opportunity to reflect on each person's responsibility, before God and humanity, and to hope and commit oneself to seeing that no event become another occasion to disseminate hate but rather to foster peace."

I thought this statement was very well said.

My mom always told me when my brothers would harass me or if I had picked a fight at school that I should not "sink to their level." I couldn't help but think of that wisdom as I learned this morning that celebrations broke out last night in various parts of our country over Bin Laden's death. I get the fact that he was a symbol of terrorism, but it seems like he would continue to win as long as we allow him to make us act less human than we should and can be. In his actions throughout his life, he repeatedly forsook his humanity - we should not imitate him as we decide how to handle the news of his death.