Friday, February 23, 2024

The Scandal of Rupnik

When I was still on Twitter, when the logo for the year of mercy was released in 2015, I commented that it was hideous.  

I stand by that assessment...the oversized eyes, the melding of one of their is creepy and hideous.

And then all the allegations have come out against the artist Fr. Rupnik...that he allegedly convinced religious sisters to have sex with him so that he could create his art.

Some, defending the idea that Rupnik's "art" should remain in Catholic Churches all over the world say some form of "Well, Carvaggio was a drunk and may have murdered someone; are you going to take down all of his work as well?"

But here is a big distinction: Carvaggio never murdered someone to help make his art.

Rupnik allegedly sexually enticed religious sisters and then allegedly absolved them of that same sin in the confessional, which incurs a latae sentiae excommunication on Rupnik if he in fact did that.  

Caravaggio never did anything that incurred a latae sententiae excommunication to make his art.

And Caravaggio's paintings are masterpieces, and Rupnik's art is hideous and creepy.

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