Wednesday, March 8, 2023

2nd Sunday of Lent, 2023


2nd Sunday of Lent, 2023 “Don’t Chase Mountaintop Experiences”


It is normal, on a human level, to crave mountain top experiences where we see Jesus in all His glory


But the vast majority of the time…when we pray we don’t feel anything, at least in the way most of us expect to “FEEL” prayer



Peter James and John in today’s Gospel see the most amazing sight.  They see Jesus Transfigured, shining and golden and speaking with Moses and Elijah and God the Father tells them “this is my Beloved Son, listen to him.”


And yet, 40 days later, when soldiers come to arrest Jesus in the garden, all of the Apostles, including Peter, James and John flee.  Peter, later that same night, denies 3 times that he know Jesus.


What this shows is that mountain experiences do not last…ever…on this side of Heaven.  If they ever lasted on this side of Heaven, Peter, James, and John would not have abandon Jesus.


What DOES last?…a prayer life that involves listening to the quiet whisperings and nudgeings that God is putting on your heart. 


There is no way around it…day in and day out setting time aside for prayer to grow in your relationship with Jesus.  Find whatever works for you to get to a place of silent prayer, listening for the quiet and calm voice of God


If you are moving from one mountain top experience to the next, and don’t recognize Jesus at any other time, you will, when the going gets tough, abandon Jesus.

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