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Epiphany 2023 - ""


Epiphany 2023 – “”


I have never preached on a particular website before…until now…


As I have talked about in previous years, the average age a young person makes the decision to leave the Catholic Church is now 13…and the number 1 reason they leave is because of science.


I want to invite all parents, grandparents, guardians etc. to visit and bookmark and share with all the children and teens under their influence the following website:


Today the Church remembers the visit of the Magi, astronomers who were constantly studying the sky and the stars, and that science led them to the Christ child.


So it is also the case today.  Catholics do not believe you can prove the existence of God…but Catholics do believe that science ought to lead scientists and everyone to the doorstep of God.

The discovery of the big bang theory was by a Catholic priest.  The person who came up with genetic science was Fr. Gregor Mendel…Fr. Tad Pacholczyk is the director of the National Catholic Bioethics center and has degrees in philosophy, biochemistry, molecular cell biology, and chemistry and a PhD in neuroscience from Yale University…the videos also feature Karin Oberg who is a professor of Astrophysics at Harvard who converted to Catholicism while studying astrophysics…the list could go on and on…

Indeed it is the Catholic world view that is the bedrock of science and the scientific method…the idea that God created the world and that there is an order to the universe comes from the Catholic understanding of God that you don’t find in other religious traditions where gods are finnicky or too aloof from the world to make the world with any sort of order.

The has so many wonderful videos about the intersection of Catholicism and science…in order to reverse the tide of young people leaving the Catholic Church because of science, show your young people the videos at the


Science led the Magi to Christ 2,000 years ago and has the ability to lead all of us to Christ today.

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