Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Abortion, and Exorcisms

I have always and will always follow politics closely, and I will continue to advocate, in the political sphere, for the causes and issues that are of the utmost importance in our Catholic world view.

Many people tell me that priests should "stay out of political discussions" but the Church has always rejected that notion as ludicrous.  In certain extreme situations, the Church even says priests can SEEK political authority.

I say this to explain that I followed the nomination process of Brett Kavanaugh with interest.  And I remember distinctly the moment I saw the Tweet from about Senator Dianne Feinstein sending on to the FBI an accusation of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh.  It was sent out right after all of his days and days of hearings had wrapped up, and one of the first details to emerge about Feinstein's info was this - she had sat on it for a month+

My heart sank because it became pretty apparent, right then and there, that this was going to get ugly quick.

I don't want to re-litigate everything that took place in the Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh interviews before the Senate Judiciary Committee, but I was able to watch most of it or listen to most of the 7 hours of testimony.

I'm off on Fridays, so I was able to watch most of the coverage 2 Fridays ago when Senator Jeff Flake and Senator Coons collaborated on a plan to request another week of FBI investigations.  A week later I was also able to follow last Friday's coverage of the Senate voting to move Kavanaugh on for a final vote along with the dramatic and thorough floor speech of Senator Susan Collins of Maine, the swing vote, who took the floor to explain why she would be voting to confirm Kavanaugh the next day.

Here's why I share ALL this (in case you are still reading): What I saw in all the coverage of this political moment has me seriously scared for the future of our nation, and the heart of this whole issue of Justice Kavanaugh is the ABSOLUTE SCOURGE that abortion has been on our country.

We are a house divided against itself, just like Jesus described the Kingdom of Satan, and, as Jesus noted, it cannot stand.

in 1979 when Mother Teresa won the Nobel Prize and when she spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast in DC 15 years later in 1994, she said, in both talks, that the greatest destroyer of peace in our world today is abortion, and WOW was she EXACTLY right. 

People on BOTH sides of the Kavanaugh "debacle" (The best word for it) readily admitted that this whole affair was really about abortion.

And I'd like to finally point to the "screams" and enter them into evidence as a part of my fears for our nation.  Throughout the news coverage of the Kavanaugh hearings, there was lots of coverage of protests.  And the screams they were unleashing were Demonic and other-worldly.  There were people screaming at the Kavanaugh hearings round 1.  There were screams at Senators.  There were screams in the senate as votes were taking place.  There were screams from protestors outside the senate.  That screaming, particularly the screams that take on an "otherworldly" sound, are a hallmark of demonic possession. 

Find me video of those who stand for traditional marriage letting out blood-curling screams when the Obergefell decision was announced

Find me video of those who fight hard for the cause of ending abortion letting out blood-curling screams when Obama won the presidency in 2012 or 2008.

Find me video of pro-lifers letting out blood-curling screams when Sotomayor or Elena Kegan were placed on the Supreme Court

Find me video of Catholics letting out blood-curling screams when the Little Sisters of the Poor were taken to court by the Federal government to force them to pay for contraception

That video isn't out there.

I've encountered the demonic as a priest in a very real and undeniable way about five or six times, and what I saw and heard in the weeks-long process that led to Justice Kavanaugh assuming his seat on the Supreme Court had all the same characteristics.

You could see and HEAR the presence of evil in a real way.  The Evil one feeling less need to remain hidden now - more willing to come right out and be heard.  And when the Evil One feels comfortable being seen and heard directly, we ought to know that things are getting REALLY bad.

As long as we kill our children, we will continue to fracture more and more as a society.   I fear we are heading towards the brink of major violence breaking out in our country over all of this, and then Mother Teresa's prophecy would sadly come to full realization: The greatest destroyer of peace will be abortion.

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