Monday, September 3, 2018

Bishops, I BEG you...

In 2010 I hated social media and blogs and Youtube.  I was a brand new priest.  And Pope Benedict asked priests to use it all.

So I dove in.

I bought a $400 camera/microphone combo

By just recording the things I WAS ALREADY DOING (classes/homilies/talks), I've been able to reach

1) Twitter: 6,000,000 times a person has read a tweet

2) Blog: 1,900,000 times someone has read a blog post of mine

3) Youtube: 10,670 subscribers (to subscribe means to get a notification every time I post a video)

4) 1,554,000 video views on Youtube (7,600,000 minutes watched)

5) Facebook: tens of millions.  Just started tracking.   Three homilies on the abuse crisis have been viewed 304,000 times and shared 5,700 times.  Another way to track it is 318,000 minutes watched on just those three homilies.  People sat down and watched my three homilies for a total of 318,000 minutes on Facebook.


People will argue that It takes a lot of time.  My response: it absolutely does not.  You can log in, check messages, post, and walk away.  I doubt I spend an hour a day on this stuff.

In posting this people might say "wow, you know all your statistics, you probably sit around your office counting up your views."  I actually don't care, I had to look them up specifically for this post. 

This crisis calls for direct shepherding and social media is free and allows you to reach BILLIONS of people.  FOR FREE!

I beg you - get in the fray and preach to people where they are at.

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