Sunday, January 22, 2017

Christian Unity: Just finding what WORKS for you?

In order to not talk about faith, a lot of people say to one another "whatever works for you"

"So if Buddhism works for you, or Lutheranism works for you or Catholicism works for you, who am I to judge?"

The problem with this (in addition to it being relativism) is this:

Why settle JUST for what WORKS?

You ought to be asking "What is BEST for me," and I ought to care what is BEST for you.

Utilitarianism (based on the word "utility" or "usefulness") is a HORRENDOUS and disastrous philosophical way of looking at things that, despite how horrible it is, is widespread in our culture today.  

Utilitarianism judges everything by whether or not it is "useful" (including other people).  Utilitarianism is the philosophy that underlies Communism.  If a loaf of bread "gets the job done" then why have steak?  If dilapidated and drab apartments are livable, then why have anything else?  

Of course, under utilitarianism, there ought to be no art, music, poetry, or feasts because they aren't "useful" in the way utilitarians use the word "useful"

So, in the life of Faith, settling for what "just gets the job done" is a sort of horrible communistic utilitarianism as well.

We ought to never settle for "what works" but rather always be asking "what is BEST"

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