Sunday, October 23, 2016

Where pride comes from, and how it DESTROYS us

What can we do?  How do we ensure that we are not being consumed by the deadly sin of pride?
1)       Can I be alone with myself – do I pray regularly and go off to be alone with God?
2)      Go to confession regularly – Why Jesus set it up this way – GOOD TO SAY IT OUT LOUD!
3)      Do I bend Church teachings to me or do I bend my will to Church and Scriptural teachings?
4)      Ask for others to evaluate you regularly with honest feedback
5)      Spiritual direction
6)      Our lady of humility
7)      Worship – the Mass – is a statement and reminder that we are not God – the desert fathers were early Christians who fled to the desert to live a life of prayer – regular battle – Devil had no knees

8)      Live integrally – Jesus on the Apostle Nathanael: “here is a true Israelite.  There is no duplicity in him

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