Friday, September 16, 2016

The Theological Musings of Popes

The first Pope in the history of the world, Saint Peter, had his own personal opinions about how the Church should approach both circumcision and dietary laws.

WHILE he was serving as Pope, he was rebuked by others in the Church

"Pete, I love you like a brother, and you are the Pope, but you are wrong on this one" - St. Paul

When it came time to issue definitive statements on the topics, the first pope did not end up teaching what he had personally held to be best before he was rebuked by his fellow leaders in the Church.

Pope Benedict also made it quite clear in the introduction to his Jesus of Nazareth series - these are the personal thoughts and musings of mine...not the definitive statements of the Pope.

Until they are blue in the face people can tell me the personal beliefs that Pope Francis holds, the personal opinions he has shared on airplanes, the personal opinions he has shared in private letters.  I don't care.

When something is taught definitively and unambiguously as the teaching of the Church.  Let me know.  Until then, I don't care.

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