Monday, March 14, 2016

Football Coaching Clinics and the Sin of Pride

I've mentioned before that I coached high school football for a few years.  Part of coaching is going to coaching clinics.

Something fascinating happens at coaches clinics, a lot of the presentations are coaches telling their rival coaches how they do what they do.

"Here's the secret to what I do at school _______ that makes us so successful."

Does Coca-Cola do that with Pepsi, or vice versa?

"Here's the secret recipe, but we just wanted to let you in on it"??????

of course Coca-Cola doesn't do that

From a strategic standpoint, telling your rival coaches your strategies and tricks makes no sense.

The only way I could ever think to explain this crazy phenomenon was the realization that perhaps pride doesn't necessarily egg us on to seek to rule the world, but just to be thought very highly of by a small group of people.

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