Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The lethally accurate SNL video that sums up why I struggle sometimes with diocesan priesthood

This came out a year ago on Saturday Night Live.  You can get upset about this, but a lot of it is fair criticism.

In many places, this stuff is par for the course, and any time you try to change any of this at your average parish today, and try and make Mass more sacred, you are labeled as trying to do things your own way

Pretty much everything they talk about in here is par in our post Vatican II American Catholic experience, and almost nothing in the above video were things that the Church ACTUALLY changed about the Mass.

We changed all this stuff above, and it is an absolute train wreck, and we wonder why the number of people joining the Church has dropped off.

This stuff doesn't happen at parishes that have held to the tradition of the Church, and have actually only implemented the changes that the 2nd Vatican Council has called for.

If you walked into your average suburban Catholic parish today - what would draw you in to the celebration of the Mass?  What would let you know that something sacred is taking place?  The megachurch down the street has hymns, readings, they might even pass the grape juice and bread around...but if you walked into a traditional Catholic parish, you would figure out real quick...something different is happening here.

Why does the above video have to be so accurate?  Why do we tolerate this stuff and watch the numbers shrink?

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