Sunday, September 6, 2015

On Top of the World

I've been on a lot of mountaineering trips over the years, but this one was really special, and I'm not totally sure why, I'm just really thankful to God for the chance to do this kind of thing.

Part of the gratitude and uniqueness of this particular trip was the fact that my brother Nate was not able to be there.  On my backpack I had my St. Pergrine medal and so every time I stopped for a break or needed to get something out of my pack, I was reminded of his suffering and I was reminded that I wasn't just climbing for myself but was also climbing to offer up my suffering for him.

Part of the beauty of the trip for me personally was also the realization that I won't be able to do this forever.  Past mountaineering trips felt more like business - get the kids up safely and back home - but turning 36 a few days prior to our summit attempt, and also climbing for my brother Nate helped me realize that I'm getting older and life is fragile and these opportunities don't just happen all the time.

The students were great, the staff was great, and so many people helped us get to the point where we could even make this climb.  It was a great trip, and a very spiritual adventure as well.

Jesus went off to the mountains a lot and the mountains are mentioned in Scripture all over the place.  I know why.

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