Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Confirmation is NOT a sacrament without a "theology"

First of all, theology means "the study of God", so something can't "have a theology" in the first place.

You hear a lot of people say things like:

"What's your theology of Grace" or

"What's your theology of Heaven" or

"What's your theology of history"

This doesn't make sense.  It would make no sense to say "What's your study of God of Grace?"

Anyway...more importantly, to suggest that the Church's teaching on Confirmation isn't clear is ludicrous.

We know EXACTLY what Confirmation is, just as we know exactly what the other Sacraments are.  The Catechism is perfectly clear about what Confirmation is.

Instead of blaming Church teaching for being confusing about Confirmation, we should blame the real problem - US!

We've made Confirmation way harder than it needs to be, and so we shouldn't be shocked at:

1) The number of adult Catholics who have never been confirmed

2) That our young people fall away from the Faith at SHOCKING rates PRIOR to us deigning them worthy to receive the exact Sacrament that is supposed to help them fend off attacks to their Faith!

Make no mistake, the disaster that is the way the Sacrament of Confirmation is handled in the US isn't in any way the fault of Church teaching, it is our fault.

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