Sunday, March 15, 2015

Watch Out Church!

...and I mean "watch out" in a good way.  My brother Tony is about to be ordained!

My brother Tony has been studying for the priesthood for five years now, laying low, hitting the books, praying hard, and sharpening his weapons for spiritual combat, waiting for the moment he would be commanded by the Church through his bishop to begin living his life as a public minister of  Jesus Christ as a priest.

The moment is almost upon us!  Tony will be ordained a deacon on Easter Saturday in just under four weeks now.  I am pumped to be joined by a brother in the priesthood and in the joy of bringing the Good News to all and making disciples of all nations.

Here's a video (best viewed in 1080 p) Tony sent out from a recent trip he and two seminarian friends took to Iceland.  The images are AMAZING, and so is the commentary by Tony :)

Watch out world...Fr. Hollowell 2.0 is coming!

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  1. If you tell me the names of his brother seminarians, I'll pray for them too.