Monday, November 3, 2014

Catholicism: a Third Way to View Death

Homily for the Commemoration of All Souls


  1. You've fed into an industry--the Catholic Religion--that asks people for money to perpetuate the vilification and limiting of other's rights and lifestyle choices because they are different from yours and make you uncomfortable. I hope you feel really good about yourself and take pride in your hatred and condemnation. You are the most inherently evil person I've ever been exposed to and I am worse for even having read your blog. You've taken the words of a man whose entire teaching was about love, acceptance, and finding the sin in yourself rather than others and turned it into a death sentence for anyone who doesn't abide by Old Testament, contextual ideas that you still seem to think are relevant about proper actions and marriage laws. As a white Christian celibate man, I think it's hilarious you feel you have any authority to make comments on discrimination based on gender, religion, or sexuality in this country, and the people who follow you are cowards who are afraid of their own lack of knowledge about the world and can't view anything realistically. How awesome that you support an institution that encourages the rejection of people with different ideals and even rejects anyone of other religions in general. I hope you sleep well at night as you try to ward off the ever-insistent flow of penises that go through your brain, you closet homosexual. Maybe you should leave the priesthood and get more interaction with people. Maybe that will give you some fucking perspective.

    1. And there's the "tolerance" we've come to expect from your side!

      I think it is fascinating that all of your critiques of me also applied to President Barack Obama up until about a year and a half ago. Interesting.

    2. President Obama? You really hate the man don't you. I've seen you mention him quite often. Sad to see a priest with so much hatred for so many people.

    3. You're really an obnoxious bully !

      Seriously, how can you expect "tolerance" when you demonize them and try to take away their civil right to marriage? Tolerance is for those with whom you may not agree , but pose no threat to your civil rights. You attack their civil rights which throws tolerance out the window. They are NOT attacking your civil rights. You're perfectly free not to marry them and just stay in your closed boxed up world made of vanilla if it makes you happy.

      Same sex marriage doesn't harm you or straight marriage. It in no way effects your civil rights. In fact , straight marriages have done a good job of harming themselves with rampant sex before marriage, pornography, a 50% divorce rate, 98% of Catholics who use contraception, abortions, and living together without marrying at all. Not to mention those who give their children up for adoption when they choose not to abort after getting pregnant from a drunken night of partying. Straight people have NOT been the holy protectors of marriage by any means.

      Your obsession with gay people and their right to marriage is completely abnormal and psychotic . In any case , civil marriage has nothing to do with religious marriages so leave them in peace .

    4. Those 15 school suicides were probably gay children who couldn't take the abusive teaching that they must never date or fall in love or marry a person of the same sex, even if they aren't called to celibacy. I thought of suicide for that very reason and I was saved by a Catholic priest who told me to live my authentic life abundantly and to live it fully embracing my gay identity in good conscience. Thank God for him, because if I was anywhere near you, I would be dead today. My life lost and for what? Your twisted mind of bigotry and hatred. God saved me from you and I pray for all the children who will not be saved from you. God help them