Sunday, August 17, 2014

How to Make Up For Years of Woeful Catechesis

World Youth Day 2016

At my parishes, we are doing whatever it takes to get every young person to Poland for World Youth Day 2016.

As scary as the stats are on how the young people are losing their Catholic Faith, the statistics on what happens to people who attend World Youth Day are MORE amazing!

A recent study has found that men who attend World Youth Days are FOUR TIMES more likely to become a priest.  That's pretty unbelievable, and it speaks well to the power of World Youth Day.

Why is World Youth Day so important?  In my experience, most teens view Catholicism as a ship that everyone is jumping off of.  Indeed in most public school settings, Catholic teens might not know another Catholic in the entire building.

World Youth Day changes that perspective instantly.  Although the Church is losing numbers in the first world, the Church across the world is GROWING, and to see millions of people going crazy for the Pope, for Jesus, for the Church, etc. provides an instant antidote to the years of woeful catechesis (woeful in the sense that most of the teens don't go, not woeful in the sense that catechists are doing a bad job).

I pray that you and your parish will make a huge push to do whatever it takes to get as many of your young people to Poland in 2016 as possible.  It will change your parish forever!

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