Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Niece Olivia Serenades Her New Sister! AWESOME!

Now THIS is pro-life!!!

"You will be a beautiful as your mother takes care of you
Your feets are very small and your hand is very small
Everything is small because you're little
You always said v, you love Olivia the big sister
Your legs are little
You love your baby

Close your eyes and go to sleep
Go to sleep and you will be fine
Just go to sleep and I
Just go to sleep with your eyes closed and wide
Not open up, and you can't be
You can't be
You can be the beautiful word
You can't be a baby always, you're growing
You can't hold my finger or do that
Then you always hold my finger
Then you always hold everyone's finger
Because you love to suck on your thumb
Then you always do things all!!!

Here, you can have the baby back!"

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  1. Coming this Fall on reality TV: "Hollowells Got Talent"