Sunday, June 29, 2014

Don't Leave Peter Because of Judas

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  1. For around ten years, my niece has been a consecrated woman of Regnum Christi and lives near and works in the community my daughter and I live in. My niece does not associate nor communicate with me or my daughter, which I find very hurtful. She claims to have devoted her life to God and the Catholic Church and spends a lot of time traveling the country/world to share the word of God (now in Haiti), but yet she won’t do the same for her own family members. I regrettably confess that my priority was not always going to church during the years I raised my three children as a single mother, but I did teach them at home and have repeatedly tried to form a bond with my niece, so she could be a positive influence on them (it takes a community to raise a child), as I spent many weeks working 48 to 56 hours just to make ends meet. Putting it briefly, I do not feel as if my niece is positively representing the Catholic Church and that along with a bad experience with RCIA at my local church (with my children) I strayed further away.

    Additionally, in March of 2013, I lost my 23 year old son. Through this tragedy, after little empathy from my niece (who sang at our Catholic funeral), her mother and some extended family, I went online searching for answers and found you’re YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter and this blog. I truly believe in the teaching of the Catholic Church and it is through your words that I am finding my way back. Father John, please pray that my family reunites and finds harmony once again. God bless you and thank you for all you do.