Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Indy Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselor Murdered While Jogging

From Dolores Tucker:

One of Truth and Compassion's sidewalk counselors for our Saturday morning coverage at the Clinic for Women (W16th St.) was out jogging around his neighborhood near the abortion clinic early this morning when he was attacked and shot.  Reports indicate Nathan Trapuzzano was pushed between two buildings and gunned down without provocation.

Nathan's wife, Jen, is to deliver their first child next month.  Nathan is 24 years old and a faithful sidewalk counselor.  He and Jen have been with Truth and Compassion for about a year.  Nathan used to walk by the abortion mill and would encourage Ben Manring, another of Truth and Compassion's stalwart volunteers in street ministry.  Nathan would say to Ben that one day Nathan and Jen would come back and stand with us.

One day, he and his wife did just that.  And Nathan came to stay, becoming a reliable part of our outreach.

Whenever Nathan was needed.... no matter the time... he made himself available and was quick to let me know if he would not be able to be a part of the coverage.

Please pray for Jen and their baby girl.  Please pray the attackers are quickly apprehended and brought to justice.



  2. Thank you for the beautiful post Fr. Hollowell. This is Julie, Jennifer's younger sister. I just wanted to share this link that is a fund that is set up to help with funeral costs and to help support Baby Cecelia. Please donate if you are feeling called.
    Please keep the prayers coming.