Sunday, April 6, 2014

A First Act of Contrition

O my God, I am hardly sorry for all your sins with all my heart because I dead the pains of Heaven, but most of all because I have offended you my God who art all good and of all my love. I all my sins. In choosing to do good and failing to do wrong you have sinned against me who I should love with all my heart. I firmly dissolve, with all my heart, to do penan....penan.....pentance and to sin more. Amen.


  1. HA! HA! Sounds like it's really from the heart when the person doesn't even know what they are saying...

    1. It was a cute but funny poem about how lots of kids go to confession, and they don't exactly know all that they are saying, but they're still trying. This isn't an actual one that I heard.

      In every other area of life, we'd see little kids trying to do something like this and say "oh, that's cute" and no one would hold it against them because it's "the thought that counts" but you would say that if a kid can't blurt out an act of contrition with deep theology, then it doesn't count. I'd say you need to reexamine your worldview