Thursday, February 6, 2014

UN Study on Threats to Children Done By Baboons?

The UN this week released a report on threats to children around the world.  It took the opportunity to lay in to the Church for the sexual abuse crisis, which rightly should not be forgotten, although most praise the Church's movement on the issue over the last ten years and most neutral observers consider the Church to now be a leader in preventing child abuse.

Setting that issue aside for a moment, the report then went on to attack the Church for other "threats to children" including encouraging that the Church CHANGE its teaching on contraception and abortion.

You read that right...the UN is saying that one of the greatest threats to children is....the fact that the Church is against abortion.  Now that makes about as much sense as a screen door on a submarine. 

Not only is that completely insane, the true irony lies in the fact that the greatest threat facing children today is not the Church's teaching on abortion, it IS abortion!

50,000,000 children are aborted each year around the world

The UN asked me to do a report on world threats to children

Concerning starvation, the statistics vary, but it looks like between 1.5 and 3 million children die from starvation every year.  What a horrendous tragedy that is, and it is something that we must stop.  But if I were preparing a report on threats to children, wouldn't I also want to include something that is killing 17 times that many children as well?
A report from the World Health Organization and the UN (click here to read) calls Malaria the greatest killer of children around the world each year.  Malaria kills 1.2 million children every year.  That's 2% of the abortion murders each year.

It is starting to come to a head folks.  The enemies of the Catholic Church are lining up into battle formation.  This feels like the great calm before the storm.

Remember that in Rwanda people were smiling and "coexisting" and getting along, and literally the next day started killing each other.  I feel like the same thing is getting ready to happen, and this report is just another scary indicator. 

Thank you, UN, for your suggestions on what Church teachings we ought to change, but until you can identify what kills the most kids in the world, we'll stick with what got us here.


  1. Yep. Somehow the Church is irrelevant and in the ashbin of history and at the same time the greatest threat to mankind.

    And the UN might want to remove the log from their eye:

  2. Thanks Father!!! I direct the NFP program in our diocese--glad to promote this article!
    Batrice Adcock