Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Parishioner's Poem Based on Last Weekend's Homily

Thanks to Sharon Sauer for this!

I am poor.

I have food to eat but hunger does not come. 
There is no pleasure in food. 
I waste away though a full plate lies before me.

I have clothes to wear and jewelry for adornment
But no place to go.  Nakedness and cold surround me.

I am not behind bars yet freedom I lack. 
I am chained by past sins and guilt.
Darkness looms.

Hospitals and doctors have no cure for my disease. 
Sickness of mind destroys my soul and body,
Slowly I am dying from the inside out.

I am poor, a wretched soul.
Please I beg you, Be Jesus to me.

Day by day I walk by you yet you see me not.
The pain that destroys me is so well hidden no one knows.

It appears to all that I have no needs.
Yet I have the greatest need of all. 

Without love why should I breathe? 
Please I beg you, Be Jesus to me.

Neither food nor clothes do I need.
Yet I am destitute, gravely in need.

A kind word, a smile, a caring look
A genuine “how are you” without hurrying away

A listening ear, a compassionate heart
Your time, your friendship, the Love of Christ

Please I beg you, Be Jesus to me.

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