Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"The Blessed Virgin is Appearing to This Guy...."

I get a lot of questions about new "prophets" that pop up on the internet.  Even among Catholics these types of things seem to be enticing. 

For example, one person sent me a link to "The Warning Second Coming" (click here to visit).  When you go to visit it, which I advise you to do only once, you quickly see what is going on there. 

Of course, there are things as well like "the Book of Truth", such-and-such lay person who is having visions out in Nebraska, a woman in France who Mary told the world would be coming to an end next Wednesday, a guy writing under the pseudonym "Daniel" from Pittsburgh who receives spiritual teachings from his pet frog, etc.

Not at nearly the same level of insanity we have miracles being reported at Medjugorie and so forth.

What is a person to make of all this?

Some of it is quite clearly hogwash.  There have been lots of people writing "Books of Truth" both in our own times and in the past.  The general rule - run as far away from "Books of Truth" as possible.  There is one "Book of Truth" and we were promised there would NOT be a sequel.

I've seen the hogwash lead a lot more people away from the Faith than I've seen the hogwash lead people TO the Faith.  As Jesus said: "By your fruits you will know them."

As for the stuff that seems like it MIGHT be of God, such as the apparitions at Medjudorie (which has not been recognized by the Church as authentic yet), here's my suggestion:

When you've read the Bible, the Catechism, and all the writings of all the saints, then you can look for supplemental spiritual literature from other writers and claimants to spiritual visions.  Until then, however, I'd stick with the writings that have come from people we know are in Heaven. 


  1. A very common sense approach to the topic at hand. Thank you, Father! :)

  2. OH, my gosh, I have to share this. Thanks, Father!

  3. Matthew 24 makes all this very clear. Not even the angels in heaven nor the son know the time of his coming. Only the father knows. Matthew also makes perfectly clear we are to ignore ALL those who say they know. Basically, just do your best to be ready because if we all watched for a thief in the night there would never be robberies but obviously that doesn't always work out does it?

    As for Revelations, talk to a Priest you trust for guidance on that book. It was never meant for lay people to read.