Monday, November 18, 2013

Rolling Stone Magazine and Politics? Please!

So maybe you heard the story out of San Francisco from Friday.  I tweeted about it and shared it on my blog as well.  If you haven't seen it, click here for the story.

Today, Planned Parenthood tweeted out the following

The tweet links to a Rolling Stones article about 10 congressman who want to, as they say in the article's title, which is a lie:

10 Republicans Who Cheered on Batkid, Want to Revoke His Obamacare

1) I am fascinated that Rolling Stone Magazine has a "politics" section.  It would be similar to Oprah weighing in on the NFL or the NBA.  Dear Rolling Stone mag, you guys do rock and roll.  Stick to that, because politics and morality are apparently way beyond your pay grade.  

2) The title is a lie because the kid is surely not on Obamacare already.  Or was he one of the 7 that has been able to sign up so far?

3) What disgusting exploitation of an otherwise wonderful, heartwarming story.  The Rolling Stone clowns and Planned Parenthood drones who retweeted the story are showing that they have absolutely no dignity.  

Does anyone really believe that those working against Obamacare don't want people to be covered?  Of course not.  The trick for all people of good will in our country is to figure out how to do this smartly, and not simply drop a law on the heads of Americans that was not debated, not researched, and which, from the very beginning has been a mixture of deceit and technological incompetence of the highest order.

Planned Parenthood, thanks for allowing, once again, your demonic nature to shine through in all its glory.


  1. Not that I think Obamacare is the way to fix the health insurance problems of this country, but there are some people out there who don't want people to be insured.

    Dr. Marc Siegel, Fox News medical expert: “Before they started this, we were all in trouble with insurance to begin with. There’s too much health insurance. It covers too much. Too many people have it"

    1. I don't know who Dr. Siegel is, but that sounds like a tendentious inference from a single soundbite.

  2. I don't necessarily care about the content of this post but why do you think that Oprah doesn't know anything about the NFL or the NBA...because she's a woman? That was extremely rude and presumptuous of you to say. Not only are you a dumbass, but you're a misogynist too! GREAT JOB!