Saturday, September 21, 2013

"The Dead...They See Only What They Want to See"

I've always liked the quote: "The dead, they see only what they want to see" from the movie "The Sixth Sense."  The quote applies to people today who are walking the earth like zombie puppets of the Evil One who are under his spell; they only see and hear what they want to see and hear.

How someone can read Pope Francis' interview and not hear what the Church has always taught is beyond me. 

In a major strategy shift for this blog, instead of railing against the media for another total twisting and warping of a message by a Church leader, I have decided to try a new strategy.

When people ask me about what the Pope said, I'm going to tell them that Pope Francis wants people to do 5 things

1) get sterilized
2) have homosexual sex
3) if female, use IVF to get pregnant
4) abort any child whose life could be forecasted as being "hard"
5) go out and help the poor


  1. Well, a plan is better than no plan.

  2. Oh Fr. H.

    You are going to buck whatever you don't personally like,

    The Holy Father, who is infallible by Church teachings, has taken a softer side.

    He does not, by his comments, agree with your Hard Nosed Tactics...

    Perhaps if he read your blog? You might get called into the wood shed.

    The Church is changing, and being more forgiving,

    You on the other hand? Not so much...

    Perhaps the Priesthood isn't for you,

    Perhaps its YOU that twists and changes what is said, to fit YOUR Beliefs,

    God is a forgiving God, He saw Fit to place at the Lead of the Church, a man who is also Forgiving, Why can't you grasp this??

    Now You can twist things any way you want in your little blog world,

    You can cast shame on those who need not feel shame, all in the name of the Church, but Now your platform is on shaky ground...

    Perhaps its YOU, and your scare tactics that is in deep need of change...

    send the Holy Father the link to your blog? I can almost bet, He will not be happy, and will, as we do? feel sorry for you,

    Perhaps you should look for another position? perhaps at one of those Baptist, anti Gay churches???

    I bet you would fit right in!

    I still wonder? Why this Gay issue sticks in your craw?

    Perhaps You do protest too much?

    You seem to have a lot of internal turmoil. Perhaps you need some counseling ?

    1. Thanks for the laugh this evening! I preached about comments like this in my homily this weekend, so be sure to check it out. "You seem to have it stuck in your craw"...really? Or perhaps what the Church teaches about same sex attraction has touched your heart and challenged your understanding of the world, and so you lash out at the Church's teaching? I've blogged about "homosexuality", what, ten times AT MOST, but yet to you it is all I care about...interesting...perhaps you see only what you want to see, and you hear only what you want to hear so that you can label me whatever you want. That's sad.

    2. You have more than ten blogs on here....try about eighteen. That was after I searched this blog with the key word "homosexual". At any rate, I fail to see the reason why you like to write blogs about homosexual people. It gets people all stirred up and then you get negative feedback on each blog post, which I am starting to wonder if you enjoy the negative feedback....???? It appears that you do. There is treatment for that, Fr. Hollowell. It's called therapy. Go do yourself a favor, for your sake, and go see a licensed mental health therapist to assist you with these obsessions.

    3. Mentioning the word homosexual in a blog post does make the blog post about homosexuality

  3. Thank you, Father! I have needed some laughter and some good advice on how to "handle" the whole hype of our dear Holy Father's interview. I got both with your latest post. Keep up the great work that you are doing!

  4. Personally I think you need to just take it easy. Just concentrate on loving Jesus and helping others to be attracted to Jesus, He is so loving and true... Concentrate on Him, He is the only one worth talking about, and everyone needs help falling in love with Him. This is why you were ordained... To help people fall in love with Jesus.

    1. Personally...I think some of what you said above is dead wrong...personally

  5. Regarding homosexuals and gay people,the Holy Father looks at them as God sees them. First to share Christ`s love and then to correct them ! God shows them mercy, as long as they exist on earth but judges them only after death. The Pope is not without understanding Scriptures and he knows how homosexuality was punished.

    1. There is nothing wrong with gay people. Correct yourself.

    2. The commenter is not saying there is anything wrong with gay people. The Church doesn't say there is "something wrong with a gay person" the Church says there is a problem with having sex with someone of the same sex, but a person always retains their dignity even in the midst of sin.

    3. "Regarding homosexuals and gay people,the Holy Father looks at them as God sees them. First to share Christ`s love and then to correct them"

      It is clear that the comment or is saying that there is something wrong with gay people. Correcting something means that something needs to be fixed, which is wrong. Where is the explicit reference to behavior here? I'm not talking about the proceeding lines

    4. @Fr. Hollowell; does the person retain their dignity as meek, gentle, loving Jesus lights the person on fire and casts them into hell after they die "unrepentant"?

    5. It sounds like your image of Jesus has been quite damaged through the years. Hell is a place where people who go who have rejected Christ and the law of love that he has placed on every human heart. A person who ignores the voice that speaks to them when they are alone, that urges them to love and forgiveness and mercy, the person who rejects that call chooses the fire of misery and torture themselves. Jesus doesn't have to set them on fire, they choose the fire, they choose madness, and they choose the madness of deciding to do it alone. See Friedrich Nietzsche.

  6. I maintained and still maintain that Pope Francis is the right pope at the right time. (So was B16, JPII, etc.) Getting back to the basic Gospel message is vital because it is too easy to react to the latest perversion cooked up by the non-believing world. It's a treadmill because trust me, you are no sooner trying to contain the poison when they've already dreamed up a new one. It's a trap of despair. The real solution is proclaiming Christ and Him crucified. Christ because Jesus is the Incarnation. The Crucifixion because it points to the reality of Sin and the need for repentance.

  7. The quote can be taken relatively, in that Catholics only see what they want to see. Just a thought. For example, the belief that homosexual love "cannot equate to heterosexual love in a marriage". Is this based on catholic teaching, or personal experience?

  8. Catholics see and hear what the Church teaches which is the Truth of Christ.

    That Truth is expressed in Christ's prophetic call to each of us to live holy lives. That Truth is expressed in His call for all to accept the Father's divine mercy. And that Truth is expressed in His call to love our brother and sister sinners as Jesus did during His time on earth and does so even now.

    That is what the Church that Jesus established teaches. And yes - Catholics long to see and hear that Truth.

  9. Fr. Not sure you heard the news from Rome but apparently the 89 year old journalist who recreated the interview with Pope Francis from memory has misplaced his teeth.