Thursday, August 1, 2013

Interviewed This Guy for Unnatural Law - AWESOME Video!


  1. not that awesome. don't know what it has to do with "Unnatural Law." You kinda of lost your focus.
    What is this video: "mind-blowing" sound track, an extra large church in the background, and a guy who is all excited about something - nothing new.
    If I was any bit anti-Catholic, I'd dismiss this video as more (it rhymes with wrap).
    You need to get serious, here

  2. I never said this video had anything to do with Unnatural Law. I said we interviewed him for Unnatural Law.

    This guy does a great job speaking to young people and helping explain the Faith to people of all ages.

    Despite your Debbie Downer attitude about this, I still think its a great clip and I'm still really glad we got to interview him for our film.

  3. "You need to get serious, here."

    Paul, please post a video that will help us get serious. Can't wait to see it.

  4. Fantastic video, Father. Thanks for posting. Many confirmation programs, ours included, sure could use a fresh, solid program. Let's pray that this one will spread far and wide.