Sunday, June 23, 2013

Are you waiting until they want to arrest YOU???

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
- Edmund Burke


  1. Excellent post, Fr. Hollowell! Thank you!

  2. My pastor did not read this letter. Thank you for posting it, I have shared it on my parish facebook page and will put it out into as many venues as possible. Thank you so much. I am not silent, I will not be silent, and I stand WITH the Church and FOR the freedoms of the United States.

  3. Not about this Posting of yours? But a comment in General,

    You have a been a Priest for 4 Years, and You like to make bold Postings,

    I'm wondering, are You Posting these to Make changes? or to feed your own Ego?

    You seem to like the Power of the Priesthood, You like to make Bold posting to upset Gay groups, and Arouse the Parishioners, to Your causes.

    I assume you feel its your Duty as a Priest to Bring such issues to light, and be a Crusader,

    Be some sort of hero.

    What I pick up is? You seem to like the Power Rush, You seem to try and exhault yourself,

    You appear to want to be some sort of Super hero,

    I think the Priesthood has gone to your head,

    a lot of Men go to the Priesthood, not as a calling, but to escape their situations at home, or some sort of Self esteem issues,

    I feel the latter may be you!

    You feel the need to belittle others, to make yourself feel Powerful, and Good,

    The Man people look up too, and the go to guy,

    Its a dangerous thing, if You start hurting others to fill your own needs.

    Other Priests,may Leave and Marry, or Molest children, or worse,

    You have to ask yourself, am I really doing any Good? Or am I just doing it for my own Glory?

    Jesus came to promote Love and Forgiveness, God is a Loving God,

    You think Jesus would have you Fighting not a good Fight? but any Fight?

    He gave in to the Chief Priests and let them Crucify Him, He forgave them,

    You really think Your Blog is helping? or Hurting?

    My Suggestion to You Father is to seek counseling, Find out what is going on in Your own head,

    Find out if these causes are Really just an Ego issue...

    Hate to see You go down the wrong roads, and Have you find out You went too far, and hurt too many people...

    I will Pray that You get the Help you need, and That You find peace with yourself and others...

    God Bless....

    1. Exactly! Father keep up your good work. I am not sure if Anonymous is Doctor Phil or a scaled down version of Joyce Brothers. Either way, Anonymous, please do us a favor. Please give an intelligent response to the good Father's position. Please refrain from attacking the person of this good priest. Furthermore, would you mind telling us what credentials you have to assess this holy priest and make any type of clinical recommendation? Also, Anonymous, would you mind giving us a glimpse of Jesus as he was cleansing the Temple? It seems to me that the Church needs a good cleansing. Anonymous: what is going on in your head?

    2. I smell ad hominem! And I know someone who writes exactly like that. He's going through his own personal problems. Please pray for Anonymous #1.

  4. Dear Joyce:

    Thanks for your prayers. As Christians, we should pray for each other. It is intereting that the smell in the air is "ad hominem." Typically, ad hominem attacks the characteristics or the authority of the writer without addressing the substance of the argument. This blog is about addressing arguments, counter arguments, and intelligent conclusions. After your original post, my point still stands. Please do not attack the good Father. Please make an intelligent response to the good Father's points. Ad Hominem reasoning is usually defined as an informal fallacy, more precisely as irrelevance. Joyce: I would like to think you are an intelligent person so make an intelligent response to the points, not the person. Also, the cross means we all have personal problems to deal with; no journey is cross-less. Crosses come in all shapes and sizes-one cross of mine
    usually involves people who cannot offer an educated response to an idea or argument and then resort to telling people they need help or assistance. Rubbish!