Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Was the Murdering Psychopath Kermit Gosnell a Product of the Pro-Life Movement?

So most of you are aware by now that Kermit Gosnell, the man who was accused of killing countless children after they were born in the most horrendous ways was convicted yesterday on three counts of murder (Or, as some news outlets phrased it "killing fetuses"...sigh...deliver us Lord from all evil)

NARAL, a collection of washed up sixties protestors clinging to the notion that a woman is more free if she can have her child chopped up in her womb, issued a statement yesterday saying that the Gosnell murders were the fault of the pro-life movement making abortion harder to get.

As a follower of NARAL and Planned Parenthood (the Axis of Evil) on Twitter, they ACTIVELY FIGHT every attempt to somehow regulate the abortion industry and make it safer.  They tweet out screams for their followers to either a) contact their congressman and fight the proposed bill of the day or b) get prepared to live in the 1800's again.

The Axis of Evil makes EVERY law that is proposed sound as if it will be an attack on women and will prevent them from being truly liberated.

On the flip side, the pro-life movement has been pushing for restricting and regulating the abortion industry, and such regulations would have made the Gosnell atrocities much less likely.  However, as it currently stands, the abortion industry is one of the least regulated industries in our country.  You should expect more regulatory hurdles to maintain a lemonade stand in the USA than you should expect if you hope to chop up children in mothers' wombs.

The other reason NARAL's comments yesterday betray the insanity and lunacy to which they have fallen is that no REASONABLE person would read the accounts of how Gosnell tortured and murdered children born alive and say, "if only abortion were more accessible, this wouldn't happen."  Gosnell was a psychopath, and his crimes had NOTHING to do with the fact that abortion "is not available enough." 

NARAL is on the run, and the dinosaurs who run NARAL know that no young people are coming forward to join their washed up cause, and as someone who considers NARAL the demonic made flesh, I personally enjoy seeing statements like the one they made yesterday because it demonstrates, for all the world to see, their house divided against itself crashing in on itself and burning to the ground amidst a see of insanity and madness.


  1. Planned Parenthood gets tax money to do their evil. Our tax money ought to enable some kind of regulation.

  2. I find it an odd contrast: the complete lack of regulation of the abortion industry, compared with yesterday's news that the NTSB wants to change the blood alcohol content limit. Our government is fine with unregulated abortion mills, fine with abortion drugs sold OTC - and to minors. But for all that is good and right, do NOT have a glass of wine with your dinner!!

    There's no healthy sense of logic or proportion to anything our regulating entities do these days.

    - Elodie

  3. Gosnell chose to kill babies and ought to face the death penalty. Next you will be saying that Pro-Lifers cannot help themselves but are pro-life because Gosnell forced them into it. The heresy of PREDESTINATION and of no free will. I am trying to think of something really snarky to say but I cannot.

  4. I'll bet NARAL didn't have any problem obtaining their 501C status from the IRS.

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