Friday, May 11, 2012

Lumen Christi Video

Awesome video from Blackstone Films about Lumen Christi Catholic School!


  1. Beautiful! Praying for the authenticity of all Catholic schools.

  2. I noticed the young boy "double genuflected" and I do not see that very often at St. Malachy. Do you know why it is not done anymore?

    1. It isn't done much anymore because it wasn't specifically retained after the Council.

  3. Virginia CranfillMay 13, 2012 at 5:56 PM

    It's such a shame that all Catholic schools aren't like this one! Just maybe more Catholics would understand their faith then! My daughter went to 10 years of Catholic schooling and had no intention of staying Catholic, until by the Grace of God she went to Franciscan University at Steubenville! She knows her faith now & will defend it!

  4. My dear brothers and sister in Christ,

    Salve Regina!

    I was very blessed to have my son attend a Catholic School when we lived in the US for his first 7 years and watching this beautiful video brought me back good memories.

    It also reminded me of another video I just received

    Lumen Veritatis is a Catholic School founded through the Heralds of the Gospel Apostolate.

    Very interestingly, the Heralds (or Arautos do Evangelho) - the first 21st century Vatican approved religious order, founded by fellow Brazilian countrymen Msgr João Cla Dias - founded in Brazil, is the group we now participate in active Apostolate and our oldest son (the very same above) is now an "apprentice" first order religious (12 years old!)

    Praise be to God,
    Through the Most Holy Eucharist,
    Mary our Mother,
    And the Holy Pope,

    Salve Maria!

    In Christ,