Friday, November 4, 2011

movie reviews

I just returned from seeing my first film at the theater in several months; I took in "The Way" on the south side at the AMC 17. I was glad to see it only cost me 5 bucks since I went at 1 in the afternoon. Anyway, I really recommend taking it in. This weekend will probably be the last opportunity to take it in at the theater. Other than the fact that throughout the film the dad spreads his sons ashes all along the pilgrimage route, it was a great film. Anyway, here are the reviews for the movies for this weekend:

A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas
Not a big shock to see this film get the "O" tag for being morally offensive. If you are Catholic, go see "The Way" instead!!! Click here for the review of Harold and Kumar.

Tower Heist
Tower Heist gets a surprising "L" for a film like this. Some adults may be offended by this one. Click here for the review.

In Time
In Time is rated A-III which is a softer rating than I was expecting after seeing the previews. Perhaps it has a pro-life message in there somewhere? Check in and leave a review if you go see it. Here's the review.

Perhaps this is the "pessimist" in me coming out, but I doubt they get the Bard right in this one, nor do I think they'll go into the Faith that informed Shakespeare. The movie got the "L" tag, which means even some adults might be offended. Click here for the review.

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