Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Galileo? The Church Hates Science? A Presentation to a Ritter Physics Class

This is the class until someone started drilling on the roof and we had to move locations. I think there is some pretty important stuff presented in here.


  1. Father,

    This is great so far! I always tell people that if they want to see people who are science AND religious people, go to any hospital. Where I work, you will see us using every medical science to try to save someone if they are dying. If they do, you will see us have big stiff upper lips until we go to a private place and pray for them and their families.

    It is a law of physics that energy can not be created or destroyed. We have electrical output that can be measured. When we die, it stops. Where does the energy go? Soul leaving? Science+faith working together.

    When we die, we lose 21 grams of weight. Again, science+faith can work together. It is suspected that souls weigh 21 grams.

    You know how you can feel someone when they are right behind you or about to touch you? When I x-ray someone who is deceased, you don't get that feeling. At all. The presence leaving? Souls?

    Big Bang=God creating the world. Our days are man-made. God's days are not. Why do atheists always say creation is not true because of the Big Bang? God is creating the sun and Earth, which is how we measure our days so it's God's measurement of a day, not ours. Again, energy can not be created or destroyed. Where did that energy come from? If it came from an exploding star, where did that star get its energy?

    There are too many instances where science and faith go hand-in-hand.

    Have you ever noticed that atheists have to yell out their opinions to everybody, any time? It's like they have to convince themselves.

  2. Father, I watched this whole video despite the research paper I should be doing for English. I greatly enjoyed it! This is why I'm such a fanatic of connecting science and religion. I do it all the time no matter what my physics class is studying. I have a bunch of ideas I'd just love to discuss with someone like you at some point. Thanks for sharing the video!

    Jimmy Henke
    Roncalli Senior

  3. Why not Spitzer, S.J, Jaki, Duhem