Monday, September 19, 2011

Nothing Grows Around Abortion Clinics - Homily from Pro-Life Mass


  1. Father,

    This is so true and I have also noticed that the "Women's Clinic" on 16th Street (Crawfordsville Rd., just past the Speedway) is the same. Every time I drive by, I wonder what the people who come here from out of town for the races think as they pass it by.

    It's obviously an abortion clinic and it's ugly, drab and looks as if it hasn't been tended to since the 1970s. How can a city that is as beautiful as ours allow such a building right across from the place that brings us the most tourist dollars, the racetrack that is known internationally?

    I know that it's more about money than morality in the government these days, so maybe we should begin a petition to close it, stating that it hurts Indianapolis' bottom line. They should be embarrassed to have that standing there on such a tourist-heavy route.

  2. For some good news: Four abortion clinics will close down in Texas after they pulled tax-funding for PP. See: here.

    Interesting isn't it? That is to say, we were told that there would be a groundswell of popular support for a "woman's right to choose" and dumptrucks of private money would flow to keep abortion clinics going. This demonstrates that abortion basically stays around because of a). A SCOTUS of high-priests legislating from the bench and b.) tax-payer mullah.