Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jesus Wants Us To Be Like Brian Kelly (Kind Of)


  1. Father,

    Very good homily! I enjoyed it quite a bit Saturday night, but the addition of the Coach Kelly reference is great-You have a way of putting things that make people relate in a whole new way.

    I had an experience with an in-law that made me reluctant to reach out to people and this homily came at the perfect time. It's not only difficult to speak with people about unpleasant things, but I have also found that sometimes it's hard to approach people in a giving, caring manner. Unfortunately, a lot of people are jaded and when you extend your hand in friendship or just to be nice, some people's first reaction is to wonder what your angle is, what ulterior motive you have. Striking up a conversation or doing things for people out of kindness and caring is going the way of handwritten thank you notes and paper birthday cards, so it's no wonder that they react with trepidation or mocking. It's easier to just say nothing and put away the thank-you cards, but is that right?

    Your homily has helped me to remember that God wants us to speak with each other and establish relationships. Whenever I feel like I should stop reaching out, I will remember this teaching.

  2. Or? (In My Case) better to remain silent, and thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt ;-P