Monday, August 22, 2011

We Love to Look Down On Other Civilzations - But What Is Our Record With Human Dignity?


  1. Father,
    I am going to e-mail you a response to this from a former girl who didn't know her worth. It is too long to put on here, but I feel that it is important to share if it gives you something to refer to when speaking to young women.

  2. I forgot to add-I will e-mail this to the hotmal account listed on your facebook profile (I am a friend). I hope that you still check that account. :) Chris

  3. I hardly ever use the word "Amazing" or "Awesome" to describe something because I believe it to be over used way too much.

    Your homily this morning would make Bishop Fulton J. Sheen think he has met his successor.

    Eddie Guanajuato

  4. Thank you Father for speaking the truth to the students at Ritter. We are very blessed to have you!

  5. Sadly, our Homily this past Sunday started out by the priest apologizing for such a short Homily, then he proceeded to tell us not to tell the Archbishop.(as many in the church laughed)..less than five minutes later, he started the Nicene Creed. Even more sad is that fact that people laughed.
    It is so hard to tithe and attend Mass after hearing our priest give these non-thought provoking, empty Homily's each week.
    Thank you for sharing this Homily!

  6. I really liked this Sermon, The Good Father even had the courage to mention the dress (Or lack of it) of some of his parishioners. (Good man!) Remember the day when people got dressed up in their "Sunday best" ? Now its sandals and shorts or whatever is comfortable, (or? just roll out of bed and just make the last Mass) Sure God does not care how a person dresses, But remember when we cared enough about HIM , to dress up, and look Nice, and Respectable?

    Thank You Father for reminding us, and keeping us Honest! ;-)

    Perhaps You could touch on some other points that have gone by the way side.

    on another note? Dignity? Just because a person ages? has no Family, and is placed in a Nursing Facility and Savings exhausted, They are JUST as deserving of Dignity as anyone else, Sad that they are shut away and forgotten. (or worse)

    Perhaps Your Ritter Children could take some time out of their week to Visit those who are Alone and forgotten?

    Might make a decent class project, to adopt a few of some residents, and learn first hand about Dignity.

    Just a comment ...

    Again Father, Excellent Sermon!

  7. I know i already told you Father how awesome your homile was on facebook, but i feel like that didnt do how i felt any justice. Father, that was honestly the best homile i have heard! It enthralled me and it held my attention the whole someone previously commented many homilies are non-thought provoking. If every priest could bring out this energy and amazing homile to mass, it would change lives. As a teenager, not many homilies catch my attention, and i feel like i speak for other teenagers too when i say that. but truly truly your homile moved me and it was incredible. Thank you so much for your homile

    Tad Starsiak (Cardinal Ritter Student)

  8. I absolutely LOVE the comment posted earlier about encouraging young people to visit the elderly in nursing homes! My father-in-law is in rehab right now at one and when I walk through to get to his room for a visit, even a 'hello' prompts such smiles and joy from the long-term residents.

  9. So glad you hold the bishops up in your homily-I suppose passing along abusive priests and covering up such behavior-not releasing records of abusers-all that and more is truly upholding the dignity of the human person. And was it just coincidence that your shining example of treating women well comes from the Civil War, and the negative examples from black entertainers? Suppose if we just brought back slavery and the antebellum South-it would be a much better, and dignified place for all. Maybe, just think through such examples, statistics pulled from thin air-90% of men addicted to porn?-and such. Such misconstrued messages don't help.

  10. the overwhelming majority of bishops are good men, so yes, I choose to not label the group based on the actions of a small minority.

    As per your Civil War question, you can ask the students at either of the schools I've worked at in my life - racism isn't one of my issues.

    I've seen the 90% number for porn several places, and many priests I talk with will corroborate a percentage in that same ballpark. I wish it weren't true.

    So do you think the dignity of the person is well respected in our day?