Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekend Movies

Friends with Benefits (released last week but CNS put the review up last Tuesday)
Rating: "O" - Catholics should not see this movie. Click here for the full review.

Cowboys and Aliens

Rating: "L" which means this one is for adults, and even then some will find it troubling. Click here for the full review

The Smurfs
"O" Morally offensive - just kidding, it is A1 which means it is suitable for all audiences. Click here for the full review

Crazy, Stupid Love
"O" - morally offensive, Catholics would be "crazy and stupid" to see this movie! Click here to read the full review


  1. Have you noticed how NONE of these films deemed acceptable--or even "questionably" acceptable-- by either your blog or CNS have any basis in the reality of modern human life in 2011 or would even be plausible as non-fiction?

    To me, that's Catholicism and to a larger extent, organized religion, in a nutshell: completely out of touch with reality.

    This truly is Christ's work: regulate what the flock sees so that everyone toes the line. My scripture understanding isn't merely rusty, it's fully decomposed, but I seem to remember Christ refuting oppositional viewpoints and explaining how certain behaviors do not align with God's teaching rather than encouraging people to outright boycott them.

    Christ was a propagandist, but he wasn't Kim Jong Il. Let people decide for themselves.

    J.Maxwell Roncalli '98

  2. The return of the Max -

    "let people decide for themselves" - this is for people who want to know before hand if they are going to see absolute garbage. If you don't care, then don't click on the link. Most Catholics don't care what the Church teaches about contraception or abortion, so I doubt this could be filed under "Kim Jong Il"

    In the 50's the Vatican asked the U.S. Bishops to set up an apparatus to let people know about the content of the movies coming out of the United States - so they did, and I find it really helpful, and as a movie fan I really appreciate the reviews.

    It is also funny that you should mention "reality." I contend, being a gigantic fan of movies and having managed our video library at St. Meinrad for 2 years (about 5,000 films!) and thus becoming intimately involved with the rating process - I would contend that the number one thing that gets you an "O" rating is violence/sexuality that is NOT BASED IN REALITY. Time and again, films that feature some sexuality and/or violence, if they are done in a real and honest way (i.e. people waking up with some semblance of regret after a one night stand or after killing the entire town the night before) then the film doesn't receive the "O" rating. "Reality" seems to me to be the highest criteria for these ratings, but again, if it is going to be "My will be done" for you anyways, then I would encourage you to avoid these posts in the first place.

  3. Dear Max I think you know it is wrong! Do you not like Fathers post because it may lead others away from sin? No one in their right mind would want their sons or daughters to see the first movie on this list. I know I want more for my children.

  4. Max, letting people decide for themselves is exactly what Holy Mother Church is all about. She never IMPOSES her will on anyone, but she does PROPOSE a better way to live and THE WAY that will bring us true joy and happiness in this pilgrim life. And then she let's each person decide for him/herself. This is exactly what these movie reviews are all about. Take for example the last entry. All you have to do is read the first few sentences and it becomes apparent this movie contains pornography/gravely immoral acts. To view such a film would be contrary to both the 6th and 9th Commandments. For those who us who don't want to disappoint Our Father, this movie review is of great assistance in avoiding sin. Still, the choice is mine. I can say "No" to the Church's guidance and commit the sin, or I can give a definitive "Yes" and rely on this review to let me make the better choice. The review helps me keep garbage out of my home, and I freely CHOOSE not to watch it with the Church's guidance.

  5. Once I saw a film in the "O" category and a squad of Vatican Swiss guards kicked in my door the next day, hog-tied me, and stuffed me into a windowless van and took me to some compound for "enhanced catechesis".

    Oh wait...that didn't happen. Really, who is out of touch with reality with their strange concoctions of how the Church operates?

  6. romishgraffiti, your post made my day. just thought you'd like to know.

  7. Come on, romishgraffiti! Everyone knows it wouldn't be the Swiss guards but members of Opus Dei! LOL!