Wednesday, January 26, 2011

UPDATE: Leary Video Pulled From Youtube

Almost as soon as people started filing complaints, Viacom pulled the Denis Leary song mocking the Church from Youtube. Good work - but I think we still need to have our voices heard and file complaints with the people I listed in the last post.

For those who missed the video let me first set the scene. Leary is first of all visibly mad and angry. It is supposed to be a comedy show, but no one that you see in the crowd is really laughing. Someone wrote a review and asked a good question - what would you need to ADD to these lyrics to make them hate speech?

Here are some of the lyrics:

"Bless me, Father, for I have sinned--yeah, pull down my pants and put your penis in."

"Thou shalt not kill and Thou shalt not lie, and don't drop the soap when the pope is nearby. Cause they may hate gays but they do love the guys."

"Well, the nuns are goin' down on other nuns, and the priests are chasin' after altar boy buns, and the pope will move you when the damage is done."

"Jesus, Mary and Josephine, well this church is full of some giant queens, so break out the candles and the Vaseline."

...introduced by Pope Benedict proclaiming, "Oh yeah, I'm the f***ing pope, for Christ's sake, the god**** F├╝hrer."


  1. There is some truth to his song and we all know it.

  2. "some truth in it" doesn't hold up in a defamation of character lawsuit or a hate speech trial.

  3. get over it, the catholic church has been asking for it for at least the past 20 years. A lawsuit towards viacom or leary or whoever just makes the church look that more pathetic in the eyes of the public.

  4. SOME truth? How about ALL TRUTH! If you didn't wanna hear this, YOU SHOULD'NT HAVE DONE IT!!! You made your bed, now lay in it! (preferably WITHOUT little Joey)

  5. I shouldn't have done it? I made my bed? You seem unable to distinguish the actions of a small percentage of men in the priesthood from the behavior of the vast majority of priests and bishops throughout the world. Neither Christ nor the Church has ever taught that the priesthood (or being a bishop) will protect you from being an evil person.

  6. Its a catchy song. Not a hate song believe me their is worse out there. To you father hollowell at one point in time priests were above the law and as history records did abuse power. I dont like the church but it really has nothing to do with the whole little boy scandal. i agree with you the church as a whole cannot be blamed for the actions of some a lesson humans have never learned.