Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dynamiting the Culture of Death and/or Building Up a Culture of Life?

That our society has a love affair with death (to paraphrase Pope John Paul II) is obvious to all, regardless of political or ideological affiliation. With so much in our government fighting and working against life, sometimes the temptation for us pro-lifers can be to spend all our energy on "dynamiting the culture of death."

What I've been reflecting on recently, though, is the idea that we, as pro-lifers, also need to make sure we are spending energy on "building up a culture of life." Destroying laws and apparati that are currently in place is much-needed, but we also need to know what our plan is in a positive direction.

In the current political climate, a lot of candidates are running solely on the idea that they are "non-democrats" or "non-Obamaites." However, the public doesn't just want to know what a candidate is NOT, they also want to know what the candidate stands for in a positive sense. I believe that the pro-life movement, with reflection, knows what it stands for; I don't mean to suggest that pro-lifers don't have a plan, it just seems to me that sometimes the message is lost. The pro-life cause needs to be railing against current evils while ALSO talking about what a "culture of life" actually looks like - and how one should go about building it up in our society.

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