Friday, September 10, 2010

New Video from

Fantastic video about the upcoming election from some Catholic filmmakers:


  1. Was that a joke? Sorry for asking, but I can't imagine it was real. Was it????

  2. Ok, I was able to find the video other places and they seemed to be taking it seriously. I guess it isn't a joke. That is unfortunate.

  3. e tu Rousseau?

    I think the video speaks to a lot of people who feel that Catholicism has a lot to say to our politicians. Rousseau, Hobbes and others during the "enlightenment" said the Church needs to stay out of such things. I say what good is a religion/faith if it DOESN'T have anything to say about the state of the nation?

    Anyone can say something is unfortunate - would you care to elaborate on WHY you think the video is unfortunate?