Sunday, July 4, 2010

Waiting for Death, Waiting for Life

I don't normally sleep with my cell phone on - I need my beauty rest! - but the past week or so I have. I'm waiting on two calls. The first is the call in which I will learn that my Grandfather, James "Mojo" Hollowell, has passed away after his 10 year bout with Alzheimers. The other call that I'm waiting on is from my brother Matt letting me know that their first child has been born. Matt's wife Kari is due tomorrow.

The other day I was reflecting on the fact that I'm waiting, at the same time, for death and life, the passing away of one Hollowell and the arrival of the newest Hollowell. Isn't this the story of all of us in our lives - a waiting for death and a simultaneous waiting for new life, the fullness of life, life with Christ in Heaven. We mourn the passing of loved ones while at the same time waiting anxiously for and praying that God may bring us to the day when we will meet our loved ones and Christ.

As the circle of life continues here on earth, may we live so that our death is a birth into a new life in God.

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