Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Book On Pope Benedict

As I've said elsewhere, in the seminary I gobbled up Pope Benedict books like they were candy.  I new that most people would not have the luxury I was afforded...namely the time to read and study most of the day.

I started pulling out Pope Benedict's "greatest quotes" and putting them together by theme, and I found, after a while, that I had a book written.

It hasn't been edited, it isn't crisp, some of it hasn't been revised for over 4 years, but I do believe it is a nice resource for people who want to get some Pope Benedict quotes by theme.

It is also a nice read for people who want a snapshot of the now Pope-Emeritus Benedict's MANY amazing contributions to our Catholic Faith.

If you download it (it is totally free) and read it, I hope it helps you draw closer to Jesus Christ, His Church, and one of Christ's faithful followers.

Sorry I've never been able to actually go through the hoops to get it published, but I believe an electronic version is almost as handy these days.

You can download the book by clicking here.