Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So Much for Tolerance

There was a very well put together editorial by Debra Saunders in Friday's Indystar. The editorial was titled "So Much For Tolerance." In the editorial, Saunders makes the point that those who claim to be for "tolerance" are the same people who usually use the government to club to death Christianity in this country. My favorite snippet section:

"Consider the track record of San Francisco. In 1993, the Board of Supervisors ousted a Christian minister from the Human Rights Commission because he said the Bible says homosexuality is a sin. In 2002, San Francisco Superior Court judges voted to ban judges from being members of the Boy Scouts because of the Scouts' refusal to admit gays. City Hall has leaned on Catholic Charities to renounce church doctrine in order to receive city funds to care for the sick.

The above stories aren't about private citizens trying to shame an individual or a congregation into changing course. They are about using the government as a club to muzzle certain views.

So it's more than ironic to watch the same folks who jump all over devout Christians now rush to Muslims' defense

You can read the whole article by clicking here.