Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Sisters of Providence and the ACLU Panel on RFRA

Today I sat on a panel for RFRA that was put on by the ACLU.  It was respectful and tolerant and pleasant enough.  I figured it wouldn't be "home turf" for a Catholic priest but the panelists were kind.

I would say the only thing that was truly upsetting to me about the whole experience was that on top of our stack of papers that every person found sitting on their chairs (panelists and attendees alike) was a statement on RFRA from the "Sisters of Providence Leadership"

The statement from the Sisters DIRECTLY contradicts the statement of the Bishops of Indiana by noting "we strongly support such a revision"   The Bishops of Indiana released a second statement noting that they were opposed to the revision.

Bishops - for RFRA.  Sisters of Providence are against it
Bishops - against the RFRA "fix".  Sisters of Providence are FOR the "fix"

Literally..."MY GOD!" does this happen?

I literally go in front of a firing squad on this VERY important topic (that a lot of Catholics believe will lead to our eventual persecution) and I'm confronted with a statement from the Sisters of Providence that directly contradicts the Church?

I will publicly promise this - I will not be stepping foot on their campus for ANY reason until their statement is retracted.  No sign from the Sisters of Providence will ever hang in the narthex of any Church I'm at, and I will never, in any way, do anything that could even be potentially viewed as supporting the Sisters of Providence unless their statement is corrected.

The Bishops of Indiana on the Original RFRA:

The Bishops of Indiana on the RFRA "Fix"

The Sisters of Providence on RFRA: