Friday, August 8, 2014

The Priesthood and Basketball? I'm a Little Confused

Let me say some things up front -

1) Today "The Third Way" was in our Archdiocesan newspaper, which was awesome, and a great honor.  I do not see that as now giving me some authority to critique Catholic short films like this one.  I just happened to watch this last night, and I felt something needed to be said about it

2) I love Fr. Barron's ministry, he is an inspiration and does amazing work; I have noted this countless times on this blog.  This video was just one that I found confusing.

3) I played in the basketball tournament that comes up about half way through the film, and it was one of my favorite weekends of the year when I was in the seminary.  In fact, I blogged about the tournament here

I just thought I should comment that I found the video very confusing.  If it helps someone who is on the fence about the priesthood, that's great, but I think we can't just necessarily endorse everything that is done by solid Catholics.

I agree that athletics does a GREAT job of helping prepare men to
a) prepare for a life of sacrifice and
b) to be more likely to also consider becoming a priest

but you can be the most unathletic human being to walk the face of the earth and still be a saint.

I think the priesthood is a fascinating and curious subject, and thus in Catholic circles especially (but also even among non-Catholics) the seminary and the priesthood lend themselves to being the subject of art.  I just think we also have to make sure that the art we produce on those subjects conveys a discernible message to the viewer, and, although I love playing basketball and I love the priesthood, I'm not exactly sure what the message was for this video.