Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Beyonce: Feminist or Mysogynist?

I saw on social media that Beyonce Knowles Carter put on a performance recently that lauded performing oral sex and other disturbing S and M topics, complete with herself and back up "dancers" doing what is typically reserved for strip clubs (I didn't watch it, but I've read the transcripts).  Interesting side note, Beyonce's child was in the audience watching this entire performance.  CLASSY!

I saw the following picture from the "performance"

First of all, if you have to tell yourself you are a feminist, that is a pretty good sign that you are not.

Secondly, I think this may be more accurate:

If a "feminist" is a woman who puts on some sort of stripteaze act, how does one do feminist things at the age of, say 70?  Can you only be a feminist in your 20's and 30's?  Is an older woman supposed to be a "feminist" at the nursing home dances?

As the performance was happening, I saw tweet after tweet from young girls praising Beyonce's self-anointing herself a feminist, and I just couldn't help but think that we are getting so close to the point where words in our country have begun to mean the complete opposite of their actual definition.

Authentic feminism is a defense of the feminine, whereas Mrs. Carter (and a lot of her disciples) seem to think that feminism means - "the ability to be as sexually explicit as the foulest man who exists"

The archetype feminist is, of course, our Blessed Mother:

Feminism is not being a glorified prostitute stripper, but is rather having the strength to say:

"Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord"