Sunday, October 6, 2013

Why Notre Dame Still Matters

For Catholics who uphold the entire Compendium of Catholic Social Teaching, Notre Dame still marks a major event in American Catholic history.

Pro-life congressmen and women were offered ZERO opportunity to help craft the Obamacare legislation, and instead, from the womb of the oval office, from a health care war room where Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood was given a major chair, a law was dropped on the American public.  Now, as pro-life congressmen and women attempt to have their first say about Obamacare using the only option they've been allowed to take, how does one NOT turn back towards Notre Dame in 2009?

And so it is worth asking Catholics who voted for Obama - "How's that sensible conscience clause looking now?" 

I can answer the question - there ISN'T one!  Not for doctors, not for taxpayers, not for Catholic universities, not for Catholic companies, not for Catholic hospitals....

It would at least start the healing if Fr. Jenkins would come out and admit that it was a mistake to give him an honorary LAW degree, now that President Obama has attempted to craft a LAW that would force Notre Dame to violate its Catholic core principles. 

Thank God that someone is standing up and trying to overturn this abomination of a bill.  Is healthcare for all a good idea? - yeah.  Does it have to be this moral travesty that was birthed by Sebelius, Cecile Richards, Nancy Pelosi and President Obama? - negative.

"BUT BUT BUT!!!  Our economy might collapse" cries the President.

The response of Christ: "Better to enter Heaven maimed than to enter Hell with all your possessions" (Matthew 18:8)